Tourism and Consulting Services in Spain and Ireland


We have been operating in Iberia since 2002, with Barcelona being our home away from home. Our Spanish journey began in 2004 with Barcelona’s Irish festival, EL FEILE, which paved the way for ComedyinSpain. Since then, we have been establishing strong relationships with local tourism providers, events, venues, and artists across the country. With 25 years of experience in creating events in Europe and beyond, we specialize in the Spanish market, offering unique tourism products in Spain and Ireland.

Our expertise lies in developing a network of venues capable of hosting national tours for visiting artists. Additionally, we provide an established international platform for artists looking to expand their reach in the opposite direction. To learn more about our tourism services, click here.


We understand the challenges of creating a small Irish festival from start to finish. With our extensive experience and positions on local voluntary committees since the mid-80s, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the process. Let us save you valuable time and assist you in stretching your precious budgets. To find out more about our consulting services, click here.

Cultural Bridge Between Spain and Ireland

We pride ourselves on being a unique international experience that serves as a cultural bridge between Spain and Ireland. Our notable events include:

  • ComedyinSpain – Spain’s premier English language live comedy provider for public and corporate events
  • El Feile – Barcelona’s Irish and Celtic Culture festival
  • Rio Night Live – Rio de Janeiro’s regular English language entertainment night
  • Festival Internacional de Comedia de Barcelona – celebrating its 15th year!
  • European Tour of the ‘Post-Disposed’